Welcome to the Blog

I’ve been planning to do this for a long time, and it’s finally here! In case you didn’t know this, Journey Spark has a story.

Two years ago, I decided to join the world of blogging. I got so excited that I spent weeks working on the name, the theme, and the design. At the very beginning it was hard to find things to talk about, but, luckily, that changed quickly. After a year, my blog was doing pretty good, and I was loving it. But I started to get really busy with university, so I didn’t have too much time to write. That’s why I decided to take a break and stop blogging. It was a sad decision, but the right one at the time.

Now I’m finally done with school. So guess what. I’m back to blogging!! It took me a while to get back because I also wanted to change some things. I’m living a new chapter in my life, so I’m keen to talk about new topics and try new things. That’s why I decided to start this by migrating from Blogger to WordPress and change the blog’s personality.

I’m really excited about what’s coming, and I hope you are too! So many things are happening, and, this time, I’m not taking a break. So join me in the spark of this journey!

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