Look Up To The Sky

It is a dog? Maybe a mouse eating cheese? How about a pirate ship? When I was a kid, I loved looking at the sky and finding shapes in the clouds. Sometimes I would find simple shapes like a heart, but sometimes they could be way more complex than that. I guess it all depended on how imaginative I was feeling in that moment.

Today my love for the sky continues. But it’s different. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown up and I don’t see things in the same way. I don’t try to find shapes in the clouds all the time anymore. However I often stop in the middle of my walks to appreciate how beautiful the sky looks. Sometimes I can’t believe it’s so beautiful that I have take a picture with my phone. And maybe share it with other people.

If you ask about my favourite time to look at the sky, I would probably say it’s Sunday at sunset. People are normally home resting up, so the streets are quiet. Maybe there are cars passing by, but they don’t make too much noise. That means you can hear the birds singing or the planes passing by. You look around and all you see are buildings, probably the same ones you see daily. But then you turn your head up and see the sky. It’s bright orange with a touch of yellow and white. You want to turn around, but you can’t because the view is mesmerizing. You see the clouds moving slowly and the colours getting darker. If you stare at it long enough, you even see how the day changes to night. It’s incredible. Just thinking about this moment makes me feel very relaxed. And I can’t wait for Sunday to be here already! Can you?

Every single time I look at the sky I can’t help feeling speechless. But then I look around and all I see is stressed people walking fast, and I ask myself: why don’t people see the sky more often? If you know the answer, please let me know because I still don’t get it. I know the sky is always there when we get out of the house, but if people looked at it more often, I’m pretty sure their days would get better. Now when I’m saying they should look at it, I’m mean reeeaaally look at it. They should stop for a minute, take a deep breath, and look up to the sky.

My tip for you: take a minute to look at the sky and appreciate its beauty. Try it for an entire week, and I bet you’ll feel a bit different. Who knows… maybe doing it might make the stress go away!


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