A Bit About Myself

My name is Lorena Zapiain. I was born in Mexico, but I consider myself a citizen of the world. I’m 24 years old. Animation, videography, design, photography, social media, and illustration are the things I’m passionate about. I love movies. I love T.V. I love art in general. I love to travel and meet new people from around the world. I’m a huge fan of Taylor Swift. My favourite book is The Giver by Lois Lowry. I love to walk around and discover new places. I love to notice the small things in life. My favourite number is 13. I have two tattoos: a triangle on my right ankle and a 13 on right wrist. I believe things happen for a reason, and there are always signs in your way. I enjoy learning new things. I like to read on rainy days. I’m addicted to music, lollies, coffee, and tea. I love writing. I have a collection of journals about my personal life and places I travel to. I love to express myself through words, music, photos, drawings, and videos.

I studied Digital Communications. I’m currently working as a Social Media Officer. I also do freelance from time to time. I make videos and design projects of all kinds. You can check out my portfolio right here. I also do photography as a hobby. I walk around the city, take a moment to appreciate the view, and then I take a picture. Check you my Instagram and let’s follow each other.

Apart from that, I’m working on another blog. Crazy, right? This one is related to traveling, the places I’ve been to and the ones I can’t wait to visit. It’s all about sharing experiences and learning about the world. In case you want to know more about it, you can visit Wonderstruck Traveler.

I have always loved the idea of having a space where I can express myself and show people who I am. I also love the idea of meeting people through social media and exchanging ideas. Journey Spark is all about the things I’m most passionate about: the small moments that make life magical. If you want to know more about the purpose of this blog, you can read this. I really hope you join me in the spark of this new journey.